Tuesday, October 1, 2013



It's been a while that I didn't update my blog.. I have been really busy, doesn't have enough time to blogging or fb-ing..

Well, work as telemarketer is a really fun but at the same time I have to achieve target 2 sales per day or 4 hours talk time with the customer [no compromise] and if not achievable, then, I need to stayback until I have 2 sales or 4hours talk time..

For the first two months, it's fun to work because of the environment and the base of the customer is okay.. But for the third months, I cannot handle the KPI needed from the management besides the base are worse.. A lot of customer had been receiving a call offered them an insurance.

I had to resign because of the KPI needed from the management, then, my health condition becomes poor because of stayback until 8pm which I have totally no voice and coughed for 2 weeks and another one transportation problem.

But seriously, I feel bad and sad when I am leaving all the friends. Some of the friends are crying, which makes me to cry with them too..

It takes a second to say hello, but takes forever to say goodbye.. I had a lot of sweet memories with them, i gained experience and build my confidence level to communicate with people.. Seriously I'm going to miss them.. They're always in my heart..

To my leader, Kak Anis, thanks a lot because guiding me how to be a good marketer and I hope that KJ Team will always be the best!

To my close fren, fatin and kirin.. Thanks a lot and I'm going to miss you guys.. :'(

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