Sunday, October 30, 2011

Apa yang saya buat semalam???


Yesterday I went to Masjid Kota Damansara and commonly called as "Masjid Kuning" because the masjid is yellow in colour..

There is a lot of activity, indoor and outdoor.. Mostly outdoor activity that attract people because there's a lot of booth that sell books, clothes, hijabs and many others..

I attracted to join indoor activity because it gaves me a lot of knowledge inspite I wanted to study more deep in Islam...The indoor activity were recording of "Tanyalah Ustaz by Ustaz Mohd Erfino" and "Tanyalah Ustazah by Ustazah Norhafizah Musa".. I take some pictures while break session..

Actually, I am not satisfied along the recording because the producer already give some instructions..We are not allowed to making some noise, not allowed to stand and we must silent our phone.. But some of the "makciks" making noise, chatting with her friends like 10 years haven't met..grrr...really annoying and disturbing me to focus on the topic that ustaz discussing in front.. I just say slowly, please respect the knowledge please while we are sitting in the masjid.. And the kids also, why la their parents just let their child making noise inside the masjid..while outside have a lot of activity for kids..  Sorry to say this...

Here some advice, please respect any "majlis ilmu"..

Malik bin Anas berkata, ‘Makna sabda Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam. ‘para malaikat melebarkan sayap-sayapnya’ adalah berdoa untuk penuntut ilmu, dan ‘sayap’ dalam hadits tersebut adalah sebagai ganti dari kata tangan.”

Okey, while the indoor activity end.. I just go to one booth where is Ashraf Muslim was there...he he he.. He is sharing about why he's changed and while he's in Makkah doing umrah.. What a touching story with the sad background music... The point that he is sharing with us, really really meaningful.. I like that..

Then, I go to one booth that selling books.. And I bought one book, titled " Give and Take antara Hamba & Pencipta".. I am not read the book yet..After this I am going to finished it by today..

Okey, this is the pictures that I snap yesterday..Enjoy and sorry the pictures little bit blurry..

Catriona Ross sharing about her life changed

The peoples..

Tanyalah Ustaz recording session by Ustaz Erfino

Tanyalah Ustazah recording session by Ustazah Norhafizah

I know some of you might be jealous right? har har har..this is the session of Ashraf Muslim sharing..

I will share with all of you on topic that being discussed yesterday on Tanyalah Ustaz and Tanyalah Ustazah in next entry...

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