Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a bad ending~

I just finished my second semester exam which is my first year in DMS..Today was my last paper; Immunology and Serology paper..

I am so disappointed because some of the question don't have in our notes..Besides that, the question paper also  not made by our lecturer but FHLS lecturer.. They have a different notes from us.. Their midsem also no one get A-..All the DMLT student got A, but I don't want to story how they got A.. I feel this is unfair for DMS students..  
I don't want to story why.., but this is really-really unfair for DMS students..I feel so stressed while thinking about it.. The final exam for semester 2 ending with a bad ending for me... Huh!

Besides that.., other bad ending also for me..... I don't know how to live without .......................for another 2 years.. I hope .........bla bla bla bla.... (sorry I can't tell you all because this is private)

Yes, i'm gonna miss.......

Tomorrow kak mimi and I will go to Negeri Sembilan for holiday at kak mimi friend's for 3days 2 night.. Her friend will take us to air terjun and some other place.. I hope will be taking more picture..

Even though I'm gonna go for holiday.., my heart won't be calm... My mind is still ....................bla bla bla...

Lastly, I just pray for the success of my friends, his success and my success also.. =)

Sorry for the lame post..And sorry again for the "bla bla bla" words..

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