Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chinese food~~

Today.., my friends and I going to Carrefour,Subang Jaya..

We are heading to the food court.., and yes the food that I want to eat for 2 years ago I had it one today...It was YUMMY~~~

Actually about last week my friends and I also ate at the same place, I ordered a taufu mee.. It was delicious and  a lot of mee also..It just can be eat by two person, the price also not too expensive just around rm6..

And today, I had dumpling and baozi for lunch... Don't worry.., the chef are chinese muslim from China.. Its HALAL...

After having that for lunch, my friend bought a Spanish fried rice at western..Wow..The fried rice was Super Duper Delicious....I want to had it one also but I need to save money for tomorrow journey..

Wah, I just like a Jalan2 Cari Makan host...ha ha ha.. If I had a chance to be a host on that show.., I think I will gain weight..That's I want to be.. =P
And I can taste all the food that I never had... =D

Okaylah.., that's all I want to tell..About the food picture.., I'll upload later..

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