Sunday, December 26, 2010

A visit~

After being alone for so many hours.., my aunt and her family came to my house.. As my mom just came back from work..

Nothing much, I just asked my cousin how her preparation to UiTM on Monday.. Then, she asked me about the dorm at UiTM.. I just told her what I know.. I just know that, the dorm near the "Medan Selera" at Section 2, Shah Alam..

Then, I talked about I found a house which need a housemate at Brunsfield.. Then, my aunt offered me to stay with her at Taman Sri Muda,Section 25, Shah Alam.. I don't know about it.. I think its better if I just stay at Brunsfield.. Huhu...

Anyway, I thanked them for the visit which is cheering my day..

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