Friday, December 24, 2010

Student Zone Part 1..


Today I'm not attend biostatistics class as I had some problem.. So, I decided to study or do revision at home.
When the day that I've class, I don't have time to do revision because I felt exhausted travel from campus to my house for many hours.. When arrived at home, I spend my time for a while to online then, I go to sleep.. The next day, I need to woke up early and travel to campus again..

Okay, what I'm study today is about Antibodies and Ag-Ab reactions and selected test. Quite hard to make it easy to understand.. I took a lot of time on 1 slide to understand it.. I hope it worth..

As exam is just around the corner, and with bundle of works to-be-done I felt so stress.. I really hope this semester I'll be a good student.. My aim for this semester is I want to get a Dean's List....!!!

Alright, that's all for today.. I want do revision again.. I want to get a good result for this Mid Semester Exam.. =)

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