Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today, we having a microbiology lab session where we do our first experiment; Gram Staining.. What I feel that time is EXCITED+NERVOUS.. I feel nervous because I' thinking whether I can do it better or not.. Okey.., I just try.. Then, the result is not satisfies me.. Others can get better visualization of bacteria that have been stained under microscope.. Luckily our lecturer is a very kind man.., he gave us a chance to do Gram Staining again next week.. Yeah.., I want to do better by next week..

After microbiology lab session.., we have a biochemistry lab session.. Arghh it makes me feel really tired.. So many things to do.. We need to do this..,this and this.. And repeat it again when makes some mistake..
Then, we got NOTHING.. We have to do this experiment again next week... My lab report also need to add 1 book into the references......

Then.., in hematology class.. I feel excited to study because this is my favourite subject.. After the lecture.., my lecturer make a quiz.. I feel really sorry to my friend. She's not here for a 3 weeks because she took STPM exam..Then, after the quiz she's crying and she felt like she want to go another university.. She's so strees thinking about the mid semester exam is on 10 January which is 2 weeks from now.. I tried to make her feel better.. At last.., I felt so releived when she laugh when I say something.. I forgot what I'm saying to her that's cheering her up.. At least, she feels better..
I hope she wouldn't crying at home..

Today also I felt great because it's not hard to get a bus home..Just wait for a few minutes, the bus showed up..hihihi..

Before I went home., I stopped at burger stall and I ordered fish burger..While waiting.., I read the newspaper on the table.. The front page is about the accident at Cameron Highland which is sacrifice 27 people..Oh.., I just want to follow a group to go there with my family.. I felt so scared.. While my heart's eager to go there.. Whatever it is.., if we pray for our safety..there will be nothing happen..

Alright.., now I want to do all my homework and tried to finished it as soon as possible.. Mid semester examination is just around the corner..after do all my homework, I want to do some revision..

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