Thursday, December 16, 2010

Now I know my blood type..

Today, after a lecture..My lecturer wanted to do a lab session which is to observe the blood type..

We are given 6 sample of blood then we test it on a board..I'll attach a picture that you can see..

When my friend want to try "cucuk jari" then test what type of blood of my friends is.. I volunteered myself to Punitha to withdraw a little bit of blood on my finger..And I trust him that he won't "cucuk" my finger so hard.. While he's "cucuk" my finger, I felt a little bit pain but not long..Just about one minute.. He's doing well, and he can be a good doctor in future..hehe..
Then, after we test it I know my blood type is B-..

Here is the picture during the lab session..

This is sample of blood given..In this group, Mimi, Arianne and me.. =)
Is this picture nice? Give a comment okay..I snap it by myself..

I felt so nervous~
Oh my face...

My blood start to comes out..~

Punitha put a drop of anti-A,anti-B,anti-AB and test what is my blood type.. =)

Here is the result of my blood type..

Yeah I felt so excited, because I wanted to know my blood type since I was 15 years old.. Actually, I felt a little bit dizzy until now....Maybe this because of the withdrawal of my blood even not much(a little bit only)..

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