Thursday, December 30, 2010


Medical Check-up~

Yesterday, I attend the Medical Science Club event "HEALS".. I go for medical check-up.., wahh I know a lot about my health condition~~

After register, I go for measure height,weight,BMI and my blood pressure. I don't want told you what is my BMI..hehe.. My blood pressure was below the normal.. Abg Gmie and his friend shocked why my blood pressure is low.. Then, Abg Gmie said " haa...nervous ek?", I replied "tau tak pe.."  I feel nervous because of .....    ^_^
Then they checked for the second time, I tried to calm myself..the result for the second time is normal which is 109/70, it is still consider normal la...

Then, I go for medical history.. Kak Farah record my medical history, she asked about past medical/surgical history, menses duration, family history, allergy history,medication took by me, and so on...

After that, I go for physical examination and then go for ABO grouping and blood glucose checked. At first, they do the blood glucose.. Arghh my blood is hard to bleed, they try to make it bleed more.. And there are more blood go out...,my blood glucose reading is 4.3... It is low~~
Actually I took nasi lemak for my breakfast...why my blood glucose is still low??
And then for the ABO grouping, my blood is actually B+ not B-... haha..

At last, I go for consultation and Kak Atika are the consultant who consult me, she asked me don't eat chocolate often.. Then, she said " Metabolisma kamu ni bagus ye" hehehe.. Plus,she asked me to drink a lot of milk and water, do an exercise often, and many more.. It was fun~~
Oh ya, kak Atika asked me to go to Anlene booth to measure my bone density, unfortunately it was 3.15pm..Dr.Sarah lab session start already.. So, I hurried to the elevator and luckily the elevator opened when I reached there.. And Dr.Sarah haven't start the lab yet..fuhhh...I felt so releived that time..

The conclusion on that day is.., I smile all day long..~~

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