Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bad day ='(

Today was my bad day..

First, I woke up late until I didn't attend microbiology class..

Second, I don't know today have a lot of quiz.. When the biostatistics quiz began, I felt like want to crying because I didn't prepare anything besides the notes also I didn't get..


Disappointed with friends.., they don't inform me about the notes and the quizzes and also the BIOSTATISTICS ASSIGNMENT it suppose to submitted today BUT I just knew it TODAY!!  Really-really-really disappointed~~~ How could they do this to me.. I can't attend the class last week because I having some problems... I felt like want to cry that time but I just keep it in my heart.. I just said to myself  "be patient..., forgive them....even it is hard.."

I felt so-so-so stress today................

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