Saturday, November 27, 2010

i need your comment and your idea..pls..

My heart beats faster..

Maybe this is because how deep my feeling to the person..

I saw him, I feel so calm..

I stand in front of him, I felt love him..

But he don't know, probably he might admire someone..

I don't know.. I have no idea..

The first time I looked at him is at club meeting..

That time, I always looked at him..

The second time I saw him is my second or third day in semester 2..

Then, today I saw him again for the third time..

What makes me happy is..when I always close to him today..

I hope I saw him again on Monday and Tuesday too..

I don't know how to express my feeling..

Because I don't want clap with one takes two tango to .....i forgot the last words..

Can anyone give me an idea's or comment about what i wrote just now about the one I admire..??

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