Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MEDICAL ZONE : Phlebotomy~


I found this subject interesting because, I just wanted to know in details on how to do venipuncture...ngeh3...
What is venipuncture? I'll show you the picture later...

Alright, for sure you wanted to know what is phlebotomy right?

Okey, phlebotomy is the study of withdrawal blood either from vein or arteries..Most blood are taken through vein site. In the other words, is used for the withdrawal of blood from a vein, artery, or the capillary bed for lab analysis or blood transfusion.

Terms phlebotomist refer to the one who withdraw the blood, collect and transfer specimen to other departments..

However, when works with contaminated disposal, few procedure must be followed.. For example, wash hands and wear a gloves.. Washing hands also have a specific way (must applied this everywhere to avoid infections) ;

  • Remove rings
  • Stand by the sink but do not touch it
  • Apply soap and rub hands together
  • Both sides of the hand, between fingers, around knuckles, under fingernails
  • Rinse hands in a downward motion
  • Dry hands with a clean paper towel
  • Turn off water with another paper towel
Actually there is a lot but, this is just a summary on what I am study for Phlebotomy subject today.. Hope this will help and give you an idea on how the procedure and what is phlebotomy..

We will doing venipuncture on lab session next week.. Can't wait plus nervous.... 


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