Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Semester 3~~

Yeah, finally this week got class.. Last week suppose we have class but our lecturer still not in Malaysia.. But never mind, I really enjoyed this week class.. Dr. Shafi is our lecturer for Support and Movement System subject, he is nice person but strict sometimes..  But I enjoyed his class.. But my eyes getting more blur and I really need spectacles right now..

Then, Medical Microbiology class for today is just discussing about presentation that we need to do and assignment.. Then, refreshing the basic microbiology subject on semester 2.. Mr.Buva asked us the protocol on gram staining.. Waaa seriously, I remember the methods but I don't remember the name of the solution use in the protocol..

By the way, Mr.Buva do a lots of jokes that make us laugh so much.. He also give some tips on how to understand this subject very well..  Mr.Buva also a nice person..
What make me sad is, there is only 11 of us in the class.. The class become quiet without others.. Some drop this subject..hurmm...so sad...

As usual, my aim for this semester is I want to do well on my study and get a knowledge and also a good grade..

By the way, I just saw Mr. Faizul.. I asked him about my First Aid grade, he said I got A-.. I was surprised..haha..Yalah, because my mid sem I got C thats why I surprised.. I thanked him, but he said don't thanked me but thanked yourself..you did well in the exam.. I just want to say thank you again..hehe.. thank you sir.. I'm apologize if I did some wrong in your class or whatever, sir.. =)

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