Friday, April 1, 2011

Kuala Selangor..

A second visit to Kuala Selangor~~

Actually my friends and I, go to Syamimi's.. Just for fun or we can say as holiday also. After class, four of us start our journey on that day(Thursday)..

From Shah Alam to Kuala Selangor just take an hour. Before going to Bukit Melawati, we stop by at Syamimi's for a while because Syamimi want to changes clothes. After that, we started our journey..

From Syamimi's to Bukit Melawati is quite far. It takes about an hour to reach there. But along the way, the view   was great..

After reach Bukit Melawati I feel satisfied because all this time I want to go there. At last, I reached. Bukit Melawati is the place where the colonies on 1800's built the fort. We can see there is a lot of cannon. The view from the top was great because we can see the sea and fishing village. Apart from that, we can see a lot of monkey over there. There are monkeys everywhere, on the tree, on the divider ....

After Bukit Melawati, we goes to Tanjung Karang for paddy field viewing..Oh..,before that we goes to a jetty or an old jetty..this place are scary because there are a lot of story regarding to the gh_st..

Ok, dial back a Tanjung Karang story.. Actually, our journey that day was a long journey. It might more than hundreds kilometer.. Because from Bukit Melawati to Tanjung Karang also far..

When we are in the village area, its remind me to my kampung at Perak.. I really-really miss Perak..

As we reached the paddy field, I took a picture just one picture only because my phone battery are low and I didn't bring my charger..

Then, we're going to Syamimi's back..

We were discussing about a holiday on the next semester break. We planned want to go to Kedah at Iffah hometown.. It might be great, because I never go to Kedah. And Nur said, after that can we go to Labuan?

Wah, if that time I have a lot of money why can't.. I want to go to Kota Kinabalu because Nur said Kota Kinabalu not so far from Labuan.. Actually, I can't wait when I can go to Labuan and also Sabah. ;)

That's all for today..Hope you won't boring read this.. Thank You for visit my entry..

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