Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finalexamitis syndrome~

I know there's a lot of people having this syndrome while final exam is just around the corner..

1. Finishing all the works (assignment, lab reports, etc..)
2. Hanging around in library while copying past year questions..
3. Start read all the notes start from chapter 1
4. Having not enough sleep because studying or revising the notes..
5. Some of the student is still relaxing
6. A very last minute study (tomorrow is the exam day, but tonight struggle to remember all things)
7. Activate ID or make a payment at account department 
8. Take an exam slip at examination department
9. Download the final exam timetable
10. Feeling nervous or scared..

                                                      Absorbing all the notes from the book.. haha..
                                                           Don't do this in the exam hall
                                                     Study well for final.
                                                        Get this mark in all subject


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