Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just for today..


We did something interesting on microbiology lab today morning.. What is it??

Ohh we goes to the U-cafe, then we took a sample by using peptone water and something like cotton bud.. I don't remember what is the specific name..hohoho.. The sample actually to look at the nutrient agar whether the sample we took at U-cafe have microorganism or not.. We go to U-cafe by wearing a lab coat, gloves and bring a test tube rack which have a test tube in it..
It was reaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyy interesting+fun!!!

After that, we didn't nothing..just "lepaking" at U-cafe and ate fried mee..because I'm starving..hahaha..
Then, go to tesco and accompany my friend shopping.. I didn't buy anything..

At 12pm.., we go to the KFC at extreme park, sec 13.. Got a post mortem meeting on the robotic surgery that held last thursday.. Ermm..., then we have a meal..hohoho..

Then, something make me having a conflicts of emotion.. I try to calmed myself...but it make me a little bit upset and a bit angry.. I tried to get rid this emotions.., and slowly I became calmed..

When going home, I took a bus and made a decision wanna go to KL..hahaha.. Then, I just window shopping at Central Market..Look at peoples there.. It was quite fun..

I'm totally tired and fall asleep in the bus..

That's all for today..

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oxaloacetate89 said...

haha.heading to U-cafe with test tube,lab coat etc? very nice experience dear!! =)

Aisya Humaira said...

tapi cam malu jer..nasib tak ramai orang..hihi