Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feel special...

Yesterday was my birthday.. In the morning itself, I forgot about my birthday for a while.. After getting bus ticket  and look at the date.. Then, oh yeah today is my birthday..

At first, nobody remember this.. Yeah I know I am not special.. Nobody remember my birthday.. But it's okay, this is not important toO to remember,, they have a lot of things to remember.. Then, after talking about February, one of my friends asked me.. "Kila, birthday kamu bila? Bulan ni kan? Bila ek?".., I replied " Mmm ntah..agak-agak?".., "Esok ek? Ke 17hb?".., "Sebenarnya ongoing".., Then, she said to other friends " Weyh korang hari ni birthday kila la".. Others wishes me.. Thank you a BILLION.. Actually I'm not hoping that everyone wishes me..

But what I want to tell you is my friends yesterday make me feel special.. They treat me a lunch and give me a gifts.. Actually I feel awkward and not used being treated like this.. Well, never being treated like them treat me yesterday..

THANKS A TRILLION and I'll remember this forever..

p/s--> actually i'm waiting for somebody to wish me... I'll be glad if somebody wish me..

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