Saturday, January 15, 2011

Student Zone Part 2..

At last...

At last, the mid sem exam for semester 2 ends today... I feel relieved and at the same time I feel worried about my result..

This semester 2, I feel really-really-really pressure and sometimes blank...! I hate this.. I don't want this thing would interrupt my results..

Last semester was great, nothing makes me pressure.. Oh maybe the number of subject.. -_-"
All subject this semester were tough.. Actually, I understand all the lecture but it's hard for me to remember all the lecture notes.

What are the hardest subject in the exam?
--> immunology and serology (seriously blank at that time, i do read but.....blank)

What subject do you answer well?
--> biostatistics

What subject do you think 50-50??
--> biochemistry ( stress and dizzy at that time)
--> organization of the human body ( hentam je banyak )
--> basic microbiology ( adoiyai, I'm not read properly at microscopy laa...)
--> basic hematology ( huh..,i read it but in the exam hall..all those thing fly away)

By the way, I already try my best and do the exam all my best... I just hoping getting a good result and none of the subject will failed.. Tawakkal~~

Stress during exam week..

I try all my best to answer all the question in the exam..

Just wait for the result..

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