Thursday, December 2, 2010

What a surprise....

Today full of surprise..

First, I got some money from somewhere.. Alhamdulillah, Praise to Allah.. It's my rezeki.. =)

Second, the question on my mind had been answered..I found what I'm searching for.. Thank you Allah..
At last, I found that the person that lost for a 14 years in my life.. With the confirmation by my uncle.. Maybe a lil bit different on the physical but I can still recognize the person.. Allah is the Almighty.., my prayer has been answered.. Even the person doesn't recognize me, but I can still recognize the person.. Apart of my heart said that I want the person to recognize me..another part of my heart said just let it be like nothing happen..

Next time, when I saw the person again..I'll asked some questions..
Whatever it is.., I felt so happy..

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Musafir Melayu said...

uh...this sound interesting...who's that person? your long lost friend?

LIFE.. said...

nope..act my dad..