Monday, December 13, 2010

Just today~

Felt so tired today..,

At first, I thought biostatistics class are cancel due to the lecturer still not coming..But my friends and I keep waiting for the lecturer until 8.40 am.. Actually the lecturer have been waiting for us at 8am at A0604 and we wait for her at A0612..

By the way, today is our first biostatistics class..The lecturer are came from India..that's why we start the class at 4th week..But she gonna replaced the class at time we are free.. My first impression to the lecturer is I thought she's Malaysian..Because she have a light/white skin, then she said she's from India.. 

After class end, I just having a lunch at U-cafe with my favourite food, spaghetti bolognaise.. While having lunch, I saw my Islamic studies lecturer and she said to me " hey, u look so cute with scarf".. I feel so shy.. Then, I just go home..waiting and waiting for the bus..hohoho...

I felt so tired until I fall asleep in the bus.. =P

Today, I want to finished my homework and assignment.. I hope I won't online fb for so many hours...

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Moaz said...

Shak mmg cute,..b'+2 comey pkai tudng,.. hehehe ;D

LIFE.. said...

hehe tq kawan..