Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's motivate me..

Every Thursday-early in the morning was Basic Microbiology for Medical Science class.. I try to come early when the class started at 8..

When the class start.., we learned more about microorganisms.. After the lecturer explained everything about what he teach.. He will asked someone 1 question and no one can answer his question, he will started to gave us a motivation..

He said we have to change our attitude if we want to be a good doctor in future.. We need to understand and remember all what we've learned.. Don't just said "Oh, i know that but i don't know how to explain it.." ; " Oh, I just read about that but I forgot" when a experienced doctor asked you when you're in practical..

Then, he told us that his friend has failed in the matriculation..Then, his father beg to the dean of medicine faculty at one of the public university.. The dean gave him a chance..  When he was in MBBS study, my lecturer said his friend always with books..Everytime,everywhere he read the books.. Until he became a very good doctor and no one can beat him until now..

A lot of story that my lecturer told to us..all about to motivate us..I really like his class..
I want to be a great person..

Sorry kalau boring..

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