Saturday, December 4, 2010


Today, early in the morning..I go to campus because there's mentoring activity.. It just for a while about 10-15 minutes..

Then, my cousin ask me out to Times Square.. I accept it with open heart, because I plan to hang out alone before her ask me out.. Luckily, she offer me to hang out with her.. 

On my way to monorail station at KL Sentral to meet my cousin, I saw blind people walking alone.. I felt sorry to him.. I walk slowly behind him and watch him walking.. I feel not comfortable when he walking alone when there's a lot of car there.. I felt so releived because I helped him.. I'll felt offend if I'm not help him..I felt so worry and sorry.. And I saw a lot of blind people there.. I think, DBKL should provide facilities or more signboard on the roads about blind people.. KL Sentral area is blind people area.. And I really-really worry about them..

After that, I reached Monorail station.. I waited for my cousin there.., then we go to Imbi station..
Both of us bought movie tickets entitled "Ngangkung".. The movie started at 2.50pm.. While waiting.., we go around and I texted Abang Gmie..Because I knew that Abg Gmie and his friends also there.. Then, I met them at Mr.Teppanyaki..I chat with them for a while then, my cousin and me went to the cinemas again and bought some popcorns..hehe.. 

In the cinemas.., the movie was so funny and the end is full of "pengajaran".. But about 80% the movie was funny..

After the movie finished, both of us walk around the Times Square and bought some things.. 

Actually, when I ride the monorail..I felt so scared because like I was in roller coaster.. Seriously I felt so worry and scared..huhuhu..

At 8pm I took bus to go home..and at 9.15pm I reached my house..

Whatever it is..I felt so happy today while going out..It can makes me felt better..


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