Monday, October 25, 2010

The Tragedy..

I look at you for the first time,

You amaze me with your style,

I was stunned when you asked me to dance,

I feel so happy when you around,

You took me to the beach,

You proposed me on the candle light dinner,

I was very happy and I accept it,

My world is just like a dream like a fairy tale,

You always make me happy~~

The tragedy took off my heart,

My heart just like being shattered,

My life was mess without you around,

Luckily, someone who looks like you comes around..,

It makes me feel all better,

But him does not look like you 100%.,

By the way, he calms me,

He wanted me to be his partner for the whole life,

I just want to say that " I LOVE YOU"

And I won't forget the tragedy~~

p/s apa macam, boleh buat lirik lagu x? hehe

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