Thursday, June 13, 2013



Today, I went to Kidzania and Hospital Tropicana looking for a job. Well, this is my first time going to the HR office and bring the resume together.

At first, I went to Kidzania and I filled the form. After that, the manager interviewed me on the spot. I wasn't ready yet that time.. Well, please guess what the manager ask me to do? He asked me to sing on the interview session. I have to sing, then I sang Najwa Latif, Sahabat song.. I have sore throat. So, my voice are not so good. MasyaAllah, this is first time in my life. The manager said to me, working at the kidzania need to sing sometime to entertain the kids. It's okay then. I hope it's okay.

After that, I went to Hospital Tropicana. I came there to apply job as clinic assistant or ward clerks. The only vacancy available at the Admission and Discharge department. So, I just accept it. The HR manager ask me to fill the form first until the manager of that department came. Well, the manager interviewed me on the spot too.

I did my best on these interview. I do hope one of the vacancy will call me a.s.a.p. I just leave it to Allah, He knows what suits and what are the best for me. InsyaAllah I will perform well on my job. :D

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

People's Thoughts


For sure all of us might be thinking "What if I can hear people's thought? Right?" We always wondered how people think about ourselves. I am updating this post because I have been watching "What If" just now at 8tv channel.

There's a reason why Allah not giving us to have the ability..

1. People's always have their own thought even monolog, then you cannot feel calm because you'll always hear voices.

2. Interrupt your routine.

3. You will feel distracted, disturbed until you have to take medicine to calm yourself.

Believes that, there's always a good reason behinds every single things that we don't have.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013



31 Mei yang lepas, tamatlah sudah latihan industri saya di klinik razana. Pelbagai pengalaman yang manis sepanjang menjadi pelajar praktikal di sana. Secara seriousnya, saya merindui mereka semua yang berada di sana.

5 Jun, tarikh hari ini, tamatlah sudah viva seterusnya tamatlah sudah pengajian saya di msu. Walaupun viva dalam keadaan yang tidak sihat dan sanggup volunteer menjadi orang pertama dengan yakinnya. Tapi sedikit gugup ketika berhadapan dan menjawab soalan panel-panel. Menyesal pun ada gak pegi volunteer jadi orang pertama.

Segala memori persahabatan sepanjang pengajian akan di kenang, pahit manis kita lalui bersama. Semoga persahabatan terus kekal walaupun kita berada di institut yang berbeza, kos yang berbeza. Ini bukan penamat bagi sebuah persahabatan.